Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fill in the Blank!

Dear buddies,

We might use to learn typical middle school question called "Fill in the Blank." Did we ever fill in the real blank in life? Such a Country we are living, there are countless blanks! If not all, why not some we pay heed!

They say "Care and kindness is infectious. Others catch it and pass it on." It is so. The meeting was successfully done at Mr. Brown, Bar street. It was quite a satisfactory and wise to have such a kind of
meeting with the parent and family members of Mg Ye Yint Thu. The meeting was attended by guides; Ko Nyi (Tharawun - Pyay) & his wife, myself, Aye Mya Oo, Su Thit Ni *(some well-wishers in the state of
being anonymous).
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The family members from Mg Ye Yint Thu were his own father, eldest sister, youngest sister. The father himself is not irresponsible as it seemed. Being a radio and cassette repair man in a rural town, as soaring CD entrainment paradigm in Myanmar society, that kind of business is not reliable. Besides, the family business is "vendor-like" retail trade for turmeric powder.

It is no strange at all for the current hardship of the economy. (Whosoever deny the fact, let me give you a turn for sound presentation why economy in Myanmar is still booming.) In general, they can't bear anymore with all of the sudden for this kind of medical student expenses when struggling to have the rest family survived. Though grumbling in pain, the father has faith that his family business is etting better or for any chances, he would take care the rest of his son's education. Should he ever be able to support his own son in time, he said he will let the fund we are raising get back to us, or suggest to other needy in the Institute or neighbors.

This is all the case what is all about. We have had chance to look through all the educational documents of Mg Ye Yint Thu to whom I appreciate for his outstanding records since the primary to high school, up to current third MB. He could not join on the day of meeting with the group since he had to sit the final exam of the latter.

100 thousands Kyat per month for a medical student sounds more than reasonable *(the fact may be it is in Magway.). And in our terms, we'd say it's 100 USD a month for such a bright star of the future to whom we believe he can in return give care and kindness towards to community around him if not the whole Country or the World. Have we ever imagined that such a future doctor can be raised with our hands?

After all of the Q&As with what should be "questions" in donors' minds, we brought up the real clarity that (guys) we are doing the right thing. That's why a decision has come to an end; "we will support Mg Ye Yint Thu in 2 year terms (final part I & II) at any cost in any possible means." We will pursue; a joint-bank account from KBZ to put donation in cash to the account the joint account will be open with minimum 2 persons; supposedly Ma Khin Win Kyu (wife of Ko Tharawun) and Ko Phyo Wai or his wife from Ahnyarthar travel.
this account is open for public for any donations to be transferred or to be checked by any donor who wants to give a look how and when it is spent monthly.
Monthly transfer of 100 thousand kyats to Mg Ye Yint Thu shall be made in every end of month (starting from December 2009, for January will be a beginning)

Ko Nyi (Tharawun - Pyay) will follow up with the cash flows into bank account particularly made for this event. So far, we have raised now 800 thousand Kyats so far. Gentle persons, your support to such community help are always grateful and welcome!