Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nothing In Vain?

(This photo got from CMS which taken at London on 18 May)

They establish their wish to be free Aunty Su. They are starving and
giving efforts day by day! Not only London but also Singapore ... We
can say global action. Hope nothing in vain and wish everyone realize
that never defeat until quit from any game or battle!

(Praying for Aunty Su's free @Toapayoh Monastery, SG on 24th May)

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Anonymous said...

i know how u feel.if u have PR its ok .if u have no pr ,oneday u have to go back.dont hit ur head to wall.look at the old people above 30s.these people when they were young,did politice but when they have aged ,have family become selffish ,left to third countries and eating fry chicken and drinking wiskey and keep on talking to catch the tiger and elephant.learn about this.